Mercy Care
Bringing Mercy and Hope to your Front Door
M (Motivated) e (Excellence) r (Reliable) c (Compassionate) y (Your Schedule)
C (Coordinated) a (Appreciated) r (Respected) e (Essential)

Motivated   Mercy Care is a motivated non-emergency medical transportation company.  It was founded in 2006 by Seattle’s professional business man. Mercy Care provides transportation to individuals with special medical needs who are unable to be transported by regular mode of transportation.

Excellence   Mercy Care strives to have excellence in all area of its business.  Our transportation fleet is maintained and inspected.  All vehicles are licensed and follow both state and federal regulations.  Mercy Care’s staff is trained and certified to handle individual medical needs and situations.  Our business staff is friendly and courteous.  Combined, our staff has over 30 years of transportation and medical experience.

Reliable   Mercy Care is reliable.  In today’s medical field patients can be forced to reschedule if they are late to an appointment.  It is necessary to be on time and in the appropriate location.  Mercy Care uses appropriate levels of care for each patient and arrives on time.  Our drivers are professional and are both CPR and First Aid Certified. Mercy Care’s billing department is hassle-free and makes financial transactions easy.

Compassionate   Mercy Care has a compassionate staff.  It is important to feel safe and cared for when you are away from your home.  Mercy Care’s mission is to always treat patients with the same care and compassion as we treat our own family members.  We understand the pressures and stress of medical situations and strive to make sure that our patients trust us and know that we are dependable and kind.

Your Schedule   Mercy Care’s schedule is decided by you.  Your schedule is our schedule.  Our professional drivers will arrive at your door at the appointed time.  We understand that your time is valuable.

Coordinated   Mercy Care is coordinated.  We work closely with patients and medical offices to arrive at appointments and treatments on time.  Mercy Care is not an emergency transportation so our patients are our priority.  You will never be forced to wait due to emergency medical calls.  Our friendly staff coordinates with drivers to make sure the appropriate level of care and time is available for you.

Appreciated   Mercy Care is appreciated by its clients and partners.  Most patients do not require the skills and expensive equipment of an emergency ambulance for their medical appointments.  Mercy Care’s non-emergency transportation is appreciated for its lower cost, reliability, flexible scheduling, and ability to care and monitor patient’s medical needs and comfort.


Respectful   Mercy Care is sensitive to diversity and the uniqueness of our clients.  Our highly trained staff deliverers each patient with respect, dignity, and compassion.  We believe that all patients’ rights should be honored. 

Essential   Mercy Care is an essential for your transportation needs. Seattle offers a variety of transportation services, but Mercy Care surpasses all it competition.  We care about our clients and their needs.  Mercy Care is not just any non-emergency transportation company; it is one that brings a little mercy and hope to your front door.